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Machine downtime is a formidable adversary, undermining production efficiency and profitability. The statistics are sobering: a recent survey indicated that manufacturing companies experience an average of 800 hours of downtime per year. This translates to colossal financial losses, with estimates ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 per hour of unplanned downtime. Beyond the immediate financial impact, downtime disrupts supply chains, erodes customer trust, and tarnishes brand reputation.

The battle against machine downtime is both costly and complex, but it’s a battle that can be won.

WIT-Controls stands as your ally in this endeavor, arming you with predictive insights, real-time monitoring, optimized control, and streamlined maintenance. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, you’ll not only reduce downtime and boost profitability but also fortify your company’s position as a leader in the manufacturing industry.


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We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Let us worry about the control programming of your machines through the scope of work that you have so you can focus on driving your business to higher goals.
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Controls System Troubleshooting

Our goal with troubleshooting control systems down to the component level and offering solutions to minimize the potential of this happening in the future, not everything can be avoided although there are ways to extend the time between failures.

Troubleshooting Controls
Every control system is different therefore we make it our mission to learn our customer’s needs when it comes to getting machinery back running, this starts with a solid collection of data from what occurred and then moves to what are some options to fix the controls system, finally ending with your opinion of how you would like to see it done.
Getting the Best Solution
While troubleshooting, we always look for options that would be a better solution whenever possible. being able to solve complex problems can greatly increase production.
Providing The Results
After the repairs are made then we provide a report of the events that occurred while we were involved so that you fully understand how the controls system was fixed and any recommendations moving forward.
Batching Station PLC Logic - FOF
Batching Station HMI Programming

Our Contract Control Services

As a business, we realize that everyone can use some help. We offer PLC & HMI programming that will save you time and effort. Provide the scope of the work to be done, once the work is complete we can do full system testing to make sure things are exactly as you requested.

PLC Programming
You give the scope of work, and we write the PLC program plus deliver training about how to system works so that either of us can support installation and reliability.
HMI Programming
We can build your HMI system from scratch using FactoryTalk View Studio Site Edition or Machine Edition plus provide all system backups needed for a complete HMI restore if ever needed.
We Stand By Our Work
No matter the work we do for you, our goal is the provide the very best of industry best practices for your control systems.

Machine Optimization

We take pride in analyzing a machine and then finding the empty pocket areas of opportunity, once those are implemented and the machine is running better then we turn our focus to things that could be added to assist the process.

Find Machine Faults
1st we find the most common faults that are occurring by implementing a first-out fault system if you do not already have one. Once that is in place then we make a list of things that need to be addressed.
Reducing Faults to Minimize Downtime
A reduction in the number of faults or machine stops you have will greatly increase productivity plus boost employee morale.
Reporting & Backups
A report discussing all findings and implemented fixes will be supplied along with all PLC & HMI system backups.
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